lofelt Basslet
Charles Andreo

Charles Andreo
05 May 2017

Feel your music in high-definition.

Enter a dimension where sound is not just heard but augmented as a tactile listening experience, deepening connections to the music we listen to and produce. Berlin-based Lofelt brings us the Basslet - a lightweight watch-sized, sub-bass device that straps to your wrist. Built by a team of passionate developers/designers/engineers headed by Daniel Büttner and Gwydion ap Dafydd (ex-Ableton and Native Instruments leaders), Lofelt’s Kickstarter campaign was one of the most successful Germany has witnessed to date, raising over €600,000 in only 30 days. Designed to produce a consistent output quality at varying volume levels with low latency, the Basslet is capable of representing frequencies between 10-250Hz while remaining silent to the outside world.

Lofelt Basslet

The Basslet comprises two small devices, the sender and the wrist unit. Simply connect the sender to any mini jack output or use a stereo adaptor to switch to 1/4” connections. Signal is delivered wirelessly to the sleek looking wrist unit effortlessly, plug and play, without any additional setup required.

Snapped together by an integrated patent-pending magnetic charging interface, both components are charged simultaneously via a single USB input. Charging time is less than one hour, providing 6+ hours of playtime at max volume. The amount of bass distributed is controlled by two buttons on the wrist unit, ranging from delicately subtle to bootie bumping.

Lofelt Basslet

The Basslet is built for everyday music listening, gaming, VR endeavors, and/or combining the Basslet with a home cinema. It is assuredly worth more than simple novelty and the results are effective and impressive for a device of this size and price range.

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lofelt basslet
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